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Many years ago, Devendra Banhart slept nightly on a mattress in a dumpster in New York City.

It was during a bedbug scare, when his neighbors had thrown their beds away, and Banhart was a homeless teenage busker, finding busboy jobs to finish customers' uneaten food. " says Banhart, a singer-songwriter who has put out nine albums, from the cartoon-voiced, herky-jerky "Oh Me Oh My ..." to the soft and contemplative "Ape In Pink Marble," over the past 15 years."I'm lucky it happened when I was relatively young.

"We hadn't prepared for the amount of time it took to tune and transcribe — everything had been written on the guitar, so to transcribe it and tune it for three people who didn't know how to play the koto at all was humbling."The album's unifying feeling is a hard-to-place sadness, perhaps owing to Banhart's personal tragedies in the past few years — his biological father and four friends died while he and his band were writing and recording songs. "Those things were never really explicitly addressed while making the record," he says.

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MOST READ ENTERTAINMENT NEWS THIS HOUR"It's not an easy instrument to play, and it's humbling, and we thought, 'We'll just rent a koto,' and the person renting it to us (said,) 'Well, I could play on it.' 'No, no, we got it,'" says Banhart, who lives in Los Angeles.“Es un tipo huraño, se pone nombres de correo electrónico raros para que nadie sepa que son de él. Escribir a su correo, efectivamente sin nombre ni apellido, es mandar un mensaje al viento. A Tasca, Devendra le comentó que el idioma con el que mejor se conecta, con el que se explica mejor, es el inglés, “aunque me fascina la sonoridad del español”.A de Cartagena en 2013 le soltó que con el idioma de Cervantes se siente con “mucha más flexibilidad.Banhart is really more Joseph Campbell than Don Juan.Though he started as an artist making visual work, Mr.

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