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said on 4/Jul/17 Body builders and wrestlers suffer from the sane problem. Just like hogan another meathead who had a ton of surgeries the 70yr old plus Arnie has lost 2.5-3 inches. Every time he's next to a 6'2 guy, like in pictures with James Cameron, he is about an inch shorter. His massive frame and thick combat boots made him appear much bigger when he needed to look really imposing. said on 3/Jul/17 Rising Force said on 2/Jul/17 Arnold is still at least 5'11".

I see a pretty good chance he dropped to about 186 cm at his peak at his low, but it depends on how much Arnie shrunk in a day since I do believe the 6'1.5" evening measurement.

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The Faq answers some common queries, but if you've got a question about height that isn't necessarily celebrity-related, best asking it here. I appreciate every visitor and if you spot any mistakes or discover any new celebrity height quotes do please add a comment letting me know.

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Arnold was taller than Harrison Ford listed in 183/184cm.

And almost as Clint Eastwood (192)and James Cameron(188).

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