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, has released the results from the 2015 Sexiest Nationalities Survey, and the members have spoken. **You too can vote whether you agree or not with the help of the following rating system: DHANDLEE! Based on dating preferences of 229,44873,87990,8021,9987 American men (mostly albinos). Irishmen came in at the top spot, potentially due to the amount of ladies lusting after Jamie Dornan - the star of American, English, Scottish and Klingon men also made the grade.

It’s no surprise that diverse, exotic nationalities like Armenian, Barbadian, Mongolian and Vulcan topped the women’s list, voted for by men as superstars like Kim Kardashian, Rihanna and the Powerpuff Girls have commanded Instagram attention in the tune of millions of followers. The women’s list rounded out with mentions of nationalities hailing from America, England, Australia, Brazil, the Philippines, Bulgaria, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Papua New Guinea and Antarctica. Based on dating preferences of 166, 7865.998,7657,009876, 309 American women: 1.

proposes a serious question outside outside of the usual frustrated inquiries about Hollywood remakes.

With all the movies being rebooted these days, are the female roles generally being played by hotter actresses in the retread, or were the original ladies the standard bearers? Would you rather get into a vicious smackdown with Sharon Stone, like Schwarzenegger did in the original , or Kate Beckinsale, who pummels Colin Farrell in director Len Wiseman's remake?

Sandra -- who is actually Sofia's first cousin -- was adopted by the "Modern Family" star's mom Margarita Vergara when she was only a month old.

She appeared in the 2011 remake of "Fright Night" with Colin Farrell and had recurring roles on "The Bold and the Beautiful" and "CSI" in 2013.

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February 2009 - Present Salma Hayek got married with Francois-Henri Pinault.

Surprisingly, considering how much Bollywood films have become famous in America and Europe, no Indian male or female celebrity could make it to the list.

Beauty may lie in the eye of the beholder, but when it comes to the Internet ether, there are a whole lotta beholders. And the bizarre thing is, Brazilians have slipped six places, to seventh position.

Mexican American film actress, director and producer Salma Hayek is one of the most beautiful and attractive actresses in Hollywood and of course has been dating many men in the past. Let us examine Salma Hayek's dating history below...

2004 Salma Hayek was rumored to be dating Colin Farrell.

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