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Pacenza, who fought in the Vietnam War, claims he has suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder since 1969.

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Hiott won his primary in a landslide and ran unopposed in the general election.Pacenza's lawyers will argue in court that their client was using the internet to self-medicate as a way of controlling his post traumatic stress disorder.They will also argue that Pacenza's addiction to adult internet sites should be treated in the same way as other employees' addictions to drugs or alcohol.But this was a trick, as Vishnu explained “I shall see to it they shall have no share of the water of life, their share will be of the labor only” (Coomaraswamy & Nivedita, 1914).As the Gods and demons joined together in churning the Ocean of Milk, various things began to rise out of as a result, first the wish-giving cow, Surabhi, rose out, delighting gods and demons alike, then Varuni, with rolling eyes, the divinity of wine, followed by the .

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