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The discussion forum is frequented by a mostly fixed, small group of Canadian regulars. Only paying members can contact others; however, non-paying members can post a profile and respond to messages. There are three sections on - dating, relationship and intimate.Many members post profiles in the dating and relationship section. Furthermore, like many other internet dating sites, many members become serial daters and never seem to terminate their membership.

Because of slow growth in membership (particularly after the a membership fee was instituted), the company has been slow in fixing the problems and adding new features.If you attempt to contact a person via the IM system, as soon as you hit send the person suddenly becomes off line.I have played with the IM system extensively and have been able to confirm this.It evolved into a telephone dating service known as Telepersonals, which continues to be a successful part of the company.The web based version of the dating service went live in 1997 and has been successful particularly in Canada.

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