Dating practices around the world

The methodology is far from rigorous (little information is included about it), but the survey provides plenty of interesting food for thought. Best and Worst Cities for Dating Apparently the cliché is true: Paris really is the city of love.

According to the proportion of Parisian singles who participated and their attitude toward their city’s dating scene, the French capital is the best city in which to date.

From armpit apples to severed heads, these dating traditions will blow your mind. By that, I don't just mean some people prefer movies to picnics — these strange dating practices from all over the world serve as a reminder that while it may be a small world, it's filled with very diverse people.

Anyone who has taken a dip in to the dating pool (or sewer) will know it can be traumatic.

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Here’s 10 of the weirdest dating traditions from around the globe. Fat farms in West Africa In Mauritania some areas still have fat farms where older women in the village fatten up the young girls, ready to find a husband.Because it’s against the law, young Iranian women actually borrow their relatives’ babies to go out and meet their men or invite a friend along as a ‘shield’ so they don’t get arrested. Instead of the customary American one-on-one dates, Italians reportedly enjoy group outings.In fact, according to one bella Italiana, 22-year-old ‘Isabella’, “Many boys … So the girl makes him understand she likes him so then they can ‘arrange’ to go out together, beginning with ice cream or a movie.” Bottom line: Once you get Italian men to warm up to you, they’re caldissimo.Forty-one percent of respondents worldwide say they decide whether they want to go on a second date with someone only two to three minutes into their first date.The most frequently cited dating dealbreakers include bad breath, bad politics and poor resemblance to your profile picture.3.

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