Corey haim dating before he died

It’s not yet known what drugs were found near Corey Haim‘s body when he died on Wednesday (March 10) at age 38.And we still do not know what the official cause of death was — and won’t until toxicology reports come in a few weeks.

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My most favorite movie of yours was lucas because, it really touched my heart when you did that movie MOST IMPORTANTLY I LIKE ALL YOUR MOVIES IN THE 80'S. That had to hurt her even more than ever, and I hope that she is doing just fine, it has to to be so hard for a mother to lose a baby, no matter how old the are. Feldman and Haim got into a fight shortly before Haim killed himself.

The troubled star, who police confirmed today had a long history of substance-abuse, was found dead at his apartment and his mother is said to have been there at the time.

The cause of death is not yet known but LAPD have told it was possibly a drug overdose.

Her friend, Alana Stewart, tells us what she and Ryan O'Neal think.

" You know, I said, "Yes, come in." And her and my brother came in.

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